Our goal is to foster the building of gaming research gyms and health applications which integrate new technologies, flow states and eco-awareness.  We focus on designing to engage and excite through interactive experiences which challenge the potential of physical fitness goals.
The Flow Tech Gym concept is about truly inspiring people to return.

We are developing architectural prototype and 3d walkthroughs for state-of-the-art fitness centers with exquisite interior and innovative design. We aim to provide a high-tech fitness facility perfect for anyone regardless of fitness level.  Our dream is a gym facility like no other….


Projects focused on shaping the interactions within environments, games, systems, and services.   We have a special interest in how human movements can aid in educating users on a wide variety of purposeful subject matter.


Designs targeted at certain types of fitness and how environments influence learning and growth.   We take special interest in how ambiance of a space sparks the senses.


Support our project to develop and integrate social gym
technologies with immersive environments.

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