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How did the Star Wars Jedi get to be Jedi? James bond get to be 007? Laura Croft get to be Tomb Raider? These movie characters portray incredibly brilliant strong heroes taking on the world and kicking butt. What’s not really shown is went into forming these sculpted humans. Maybe a film or a video game shows a zippy little montage of a few work out sessions, but we all know to get Jackie Chan good, it takes years of hard training. This super human notion of what having physical strength is freaking intimidating, and not necessarily a healthy attitude when thinking about exercise.

For most people, tapping into hard training or really any kind of training seems insane. What’s fascinating though, are the possibilities training can give. The average person can be observed as an incredible improbable anomaly. Amazing still, is with different types of practice, that just average human could become a high functioning expert at anything, perhaps grasping Jedi like skills.  Maybe just, just maybe that average person could be an expert at at feeling fulfilled with life.  Community support and health are keys to developing this understanding.

Movement and exercise is an essential part of a human’s health and should not be intimating, but be fun and awesome. Innumerable exercise studies have been done and prove drastic positive effects.1 The basic idea of what’s happening is movement pumps the nutrition we intake through our system. Increasing heart rate to aerobic pace has us breather deeper, oxygenates the bold to our brain. People get stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and are able to enjoy more activities… Humans thrive on exercise, it taps into what our biology has evolved from.2

So, why isn’t exercise more of a staple to modern daily life?

The obligations of what contemporary adult society is, make it extremely challenging balance and know where to place energies. This world is riddled with confusions and intense technological advancements. Educational systems encourage careers often framed around very sedentary tasks focused on advancing the mind. Exercise practice is a deemed a low priority and gyms are popularized as places of more hard self directed effort.

Struggles people deal with now, are very different from what human biology dealt with when first developing. Clearly though so much of prehistoric development dictates what contemporary society is. For instance, we know that eating gives us fuel and our industries have organized around this. Our biology is such that when not dealing with a fight or flight scenario, the tendency is to want to conserve power.  Exercising at an aerobic pace is considered an intense internal motivational struggle, though it needs to be a fun daily staple experience. Many current daily life staple details were not ingrained till recently, like the value of brushing teeth. Aspects the body’s very animal tendencies affect all that we do and we are still learning how to enjoy the necessities. 3

People know they need to exercise, we can actually feel the affects immediately. However act of actually working out or training is just that… more work.


New ideas about how to shift the concept of adult life to healthy fulfilling routines are forming.  A whole slew of classes, devices, platforms, applications now create a movement of health technology.   Review of the data shows people exercise more regularly if they are engaged, get community support 4 and are enjoying the task. 5  Our project believes that the effect is huge, healthy people create happy more supported communities.


As creative technologies arise with incredible speed, it is progressively more important that humanity take consideration on intentions behind innovations toward the betterment of their community.

Humankind is facing astronomical huge crisis! As population grows our awareness of who we are and what our impact on each other is a rude awakening.  Within all this turmoil, awareness is building that we must use technology to innovate our cultural and ethics systems to go beyond. Growing are possibilities for awesome, positive ways societies and their cities can be constructed.  Humans have the power to be the designers of new civilizations that are: healthy, educated, loving, ethical, diverse, safe, sustainable, flourishing for all life and still challenging and insanely fun.6

A better understanding of our minds, bodies and networks is needed to allow us to design more enjoyable successful communities. The ability to actually find these understandings comes with training, practice and research. We think that real spaces like Flow Tech Gyms which support digital environments will increase connections amongst members to support needed growth within the human condition.

Looking back at human accomplishments, it’s clear that if an idea can be imagine, then creating it is possible. Our ability to conceive and build technology is only bound by the limits of available resources. Everything that we create allows for further consideration, conception, design, development, revisions, and a deeper understanding…. What has led us to bettering this process, has been our ability to further define and refine our intentions.

The intentions behind this Flow Tech Gyms project is to help fathom ways people practice innovating within healthy fun awesome social systems and real interactive environments.

Let’s create these awesome spaces!


Wallstreet Journal:
An ongoing study at Stanford University shows that social support (like a workout buddy) increases your chances of being consistent with your work out by a whopping 78%

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