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JukeRock / Interactive Climbing Wall

The idea behind JukeRock is taking an experience of a climber and enriching it in a way that it can attract people to the sport of climbing. Climbing is not the kind of sport people are introduced to in their daily lives; it requires a certain structure to climb on. Moreover, even if there is a climbing wall on display for people to try; it requires some attraction to get people into trying. JukeRock offers the attraction needed by employing interactivity through music and sound. The spaces for possible displays of JukeRock can be sports related areas; but extending the context to festivals and music-related organizations can help accessing a larger and more diverse group of users.

What is it?
JukeRock is an interactive climbing wall where the climber’s movements are mapped onto different sounds and tones. As the user climbs and moves around the wall, his path creates different structures of music. JukeRock has three game modes for exploring and playing with the wall: Wall Piano, Path Flow and Rhythm Loop. Each of the games has different sound and time structures; therefore, each path a user follows can create different musical results depending on the game mode and the user’s abilities. Experiencing climbing through these games can engage the user and in the future evoke sympathy and demand for climbing.

More information at:

Domus Academy. 2010
Master in Interaction Design Workshop
In collaboration with: Vanessa Schauer and Tamer Aslan.

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