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Interactive Yoga Room

Installation of Interactive Technology


• Takes up a small portion of square footage for the use of new interactive
technology based activity
• Begins to change how the space is being used
• Draws a new crowd that otherwise would not come
• People begin interacting in a new way

The Polygon Playground

Introduction of a Social Space


• As people slowly begin discovering and hearing about the new activity space, numbers slowly grow.
• The need for a waiting space becomes neccesary while others watch others interact with the new technolo- gy.
• Space begins to become more defined as it’s unique charac- ter emerges. social interac- tion is fostered

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.54.39 PM

Amenities Added


• As momentum grows, more people are showing up and the regulars have begun to emerge.
• Simple amenities keep regulars happy and make it even easier for newcomers to come and try.
• Suddenly there is a variety
of synergistic activities:active participation, socializing, light snack/smoothies


Continued Growth


• as the project gains momentum, the architecture begins to be able to respond.
• Increased people and a wide variety of activities happening together lets the architecture begin to respond in appropriate and interesting ways adding character and defining the movement.


Support our project to develop and integrate social gym
technologies with immersive environments.

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