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At this real life Jedi training school

At this real life Jedi training school, you’re taught to master The Force

While you’re no doubt anxiously awaiting the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you don’t have to wait until the end of next year to awaken your own Force. You just need to head to the New York Jedi Club.

If you’ve found yourself lately dealing with the pressures of a stressful workplace, tension in a relationship, or any number of daily grievances, New Yorker Flynn Michael has a message for you: use the Force. Michael is the head of the NY Jedi Club, a project that aims to take the tenets of Star Wars’ fictional ideology and implement them into everyday life. With lightsabers, of course.

Michael, a sound engineer from Brooklyn and self-professed “over-the-top geek”, remembers watching the original Star Wars films 32 times as a kid, and it was Luke Skywalker’s journey to learn the Force that helped him, much like many other “geek” children, deal with the bullies that made his life tough at school. His love for Star Wars stuck with him throughout his life, but it wasn’t until a 2005 Halloween parade during which he and his friends staged an eleborate lightsaber battle, that he realized the power the films’ message really contained. It was this realization that led him to create The Jedi Club.

The Jedi Club combines martial arts, swordfighting, dance, and Tibetan Buddhism to replicate a kind of spiritual discipline that could apply to the modern Jedi. Michael hopes that these lessons, which no doubt draw the attention of Star Wars fans everywhere, can be applied by anyone regardless of their Jedi status. And hey, lightsabers are always awesome.

Via the official website:

The New York Jedi are a community of people and teachers who share practical Martial Arts-based and Stage Combat oriented Light Saber techniques in order to create illuminated stage combat for fun! But we are not character or cannon specific to any story franchise. We give you the exciting option of creating your own hero, from whatever source inspires you! We just focus on the whole light saber thing!

New members of the Jedi Club are issued some plastic, toy lightsabers for their practice, but as disciples become more and more advanced, they’re tasked with creating a high quality sightsaber of their very own. “A Jedi is not a Jedi till he makes his own weapon,” Michael says.

Interesting in unleashing your inner Force? The club meets at New York City’s Ripley-Grier Studios every week. For more information, check out their official website at

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