Support our project to develop and integrate social
gym technologies with immersive science education.

Focused on building a healthy future,
our work encourages:


• Classes, Challenges and information on health
• Mental stimulation as well as physical
• Sign in when entering the gym and watch progress


• Machines for group educational games and interactions
• Environments that encourage creative collaborative engagement
• Platforms: Virtual Active, Life Fitness, Wii fit Connect, Sustainable Dance Floor, Interactive Climbing Wall and many more technologies…


• Harness the power of human energy back into exercise equipment
• TOGO Energy Gyms routes electricity from equipment
• Solar powered options

Designing Exercise Science Education Centers

Systems to support in person gaming, social networking and training

The Flow Tech Gym, is working toward defining what fitness science centers of the future will be. This site is compiling information on new forms of exercise practices, gaming and interactive arts. The intention is that this research will actually foster the building of health and play research gyms which integrate science education.

Help us make our goal of building the Flow Tech Gym a reality!
We seek to create a gym that infuses social interaction, educational/ artistic gaming, wellness and sustainability! The demand for sophisticated, fun, active and environmentally friendly lives is growing. As creative technologies arise with incredible speed, it is increasingly important that humanity take consideration on the intentions behind innovations. Perplexing as managing this concept is in the face of our rapidly changing systems, the requirement for fun healthy innovation is here. We hope to pave the way for a Flow Tech Gym environment that truly promotes happy balanced existences.


We design cutting-edge gyms that encourage: educational-artistic gaming, social interaction, wellness and alternative energy.


Flow Tech Gym’s over arching basic themes for health goals are to increase:

  • Self confidence
  • Social connections
  • Brain function and Productivity
  • Life enjoyment and longevity
  • Physical strength and ability to do activities
  • Eco-awareness

We design, develop and integrate fully immersive interactive gym spaces.

We have the technology

To build Flow Tech Gyms


Support our project to develop and integrate social gym
technologies with immersive science center environments.

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